Aniwhenua Hydro Station

Southern Generation Partnership with shareholding partners, Pioneer Generation Investments and Roaring Forties recently completed a sale agreement with Nova Energy for the Aniwhenua hydro power station in the Bay of Plenty. 

Aniwhenua is a relatively modern hydro station, very well built in 1981 and with a strong track record of reliable operations.

Aniwhenua is one of a number of hydro stations located on the Rangataiki River in the Bay of Plenty, originally built and commissioned by Bay of Plenty Electricity in 1981 and acquired by the Todd Corporation and Nova Energy in 1998. The station comprises two 12.5MW generation units and produces on average 127GWh per annum. 

This acquisition complements Southern Generation’s two existing southern windfarms at Mt Stuart and Flat Hill and significantly lifts the partnership’s annual generation capacity. 

Nova Energy has a 3 year transitional services agreement with the Southern Generation Partnership to ensure a seamless transition of ownership and the operations capabilities.